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YORK BIOSCIENCE PRIVATE LIMITED, is a solution provider for environmentally and eco-friendly solutions. York Bioscience is a fusion between a range of consulting, development and manufacturing organization. We provide environmental friendly solutions that deliver outstanding results. York Bioscience provides solution to meet demands and needs without depleting natures resources.

Our main offices are located in Chennai, Karnataka, Andhra, Telangana, Pondicherry and Kerala. We strive to integrate our products and services into each market through business opportunities and collaborations with local companies and organizations. Our products are well suited to emerging agriculturally dominant and industrializing environmentally sensitive markets.


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List of some important enzymes and mode of actions:


Proteases accelerate the breakdown of proteins into peptides and soluble amino acids. Proteases are basic ingredients in laundry detergents and are used worldwide because of their effectiveness on common stain components, such as food, grass, and blood.


Amylases accelerate the breakdown of starch-based stains from foods such as such as cereals, gravies, potato and pasta dishes, etc. In laundry, amylases ensure complete removal of starch at low wash temperatures.


Lipases accelerate the breakdown of tri-glycerides (lipids) into fatty acids and glycerol and are applied in laundry detergents to improve the removal of body stains on collars and cuffs and non-mineral oil and fat, such as lipstick, butter, vegetable oil, and others, from fabric surfaces.


Cellulases cleave off such damaged microfibrils and releases any captured dirt particles, preventing particulate soil from depositing and preventing fabric graying. Not only can bristly cellulose fibers attract particulate soils during the wash, they can also make it more difficult for the other ingredients in the detergent to remove stains. Cellulases aid primary stain removal by modifying the surface of cellulosic fibers and fabrics, making it easier for the stain to come loose.


Mannanases remove mannan stains. Mannanases break down mannans and effectively remove food stains containing guar gum or locust bean gum, thereby, increasing in-depth cleaning by removing the adhesive mannan. Incomplete removal of these types of stains may result in fabric graying.


Pectinases can provide unique stain removal benefits on a wide range of pectin based stains from fresh fruits, such as tomatoes, oranges, bananas and berries. Extracted pectin is used in various processed foods, such as tomato sauces, jams, jellies, low-fat dairy products, and can cause the same type of staining potential in clothes.